Inclusive Investments in Sustainable Livelihood & Aspirations

Our vision is sustainable prosperity for people in rural communities. We believe that if people in remote places live their dreams and aspirations without leaving their homes and families, many of the social and environmental challenges we face today could be avoided, if not eradicated.

Our Mission

To support the growth of businesses that are solving social and environmental challenges by bridging their access to the right capital.

 Match the right investors to businesses that need capital.

 Sustain flow of capital at every stage.

 Focus ethical, social and inclusive businesses that are building and supporting communities.

 Be innovative and support innovation.

What we do

IISLA bridges capital to businesses with mission to improve and transform the lives of people in remote, rural communities whilst simultaneously protecting the environment, preserving local culture and addressing the needs of the growing global population in a sustainable way.

Our expertise

We have extensive experience and focus on improving and optimising sustainability practices at every level of the value chain while generating financial return in the following field of expertise:

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Our services

We work closely with social enterprises, established businesses and impact investors with a mission to reach the underserved in society where mainstream finance and access to essential business support may not be available.

Our services enable entrepreneurs to focus on managing operations and grow their businesses whilst our partners and investors have access to social and environmental projects or enterprises that are scalable particularly in the least developed markets.

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Our Story

IISLA embodies the philosophy and story of the founder, a former investment banker and hospitality and tourism management consultant based in London and Manila with particular focus on eco and sustainable developments projects around the world.

Having witnessed and experienced abject rural poverty as a child, her personal goal is to help bridge the gap between the wealthy and the poor. Raised in a remote farming community in the Philippines and educated in London she collaborates with global, national and local NGOs, government bodies, philanthropists, investors, and large companies to effect positive change where needed.

She loves travelling and her adventures around the world resulted in her working on a number of projects in remote destinations and got closer to her rural roots. She not only got involved and volunteered in poverty eradication projects of various NGOs, she also invested her own money and built a personal portfolio of impact investments in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Her experience as a child, coupled with her passion for food and exploring the world, underpins her investment philosophy: she invests in social businesses that not only solve world problems but also ones that touch her heart and connect her to rural destinations: sustainable food production, social and impact tourism, renewable energy, technology and infrastructure, and transport & logistics.

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The Team

Jennifer Viloria, Founder and CEO

Jennifer is an impact angel investor and is a passionate advocate of sustainable livelihood projects as a means to eradicate rural poverty. She personally invests in small businesses and start-ups, and takes board advisory roles in larger organizations that help transform and improve the lives of people in rural communities.

Jennifer is co-founder, angel investor, former CEO and Chairperson of Inspired Ventures (, a UK B-Corporation social impact travel platform; co-founder, angel investor and board member of the Philippine dairy company, CalaBoo ( and Greek premium olive oil producer (; angel investor to pioneering UK social enterprise in healthy food, Aduna (; and investor in the UK social impact investment bank, ClearlySo (

Jennifer also gives her time on pro-bono basis and is advisor to selected social projects. She also represents selected brands as ambassador and speaks in various events around the world.

Cristina Tabora,  Advisor

Cristina is a creative marketing strategist. She is the Managing Director of Tabora Communications, a MarCom consultative group based in Manila that offers business partnering strategies to companies seeking entry to the Asian markets. Ms. Tabora has over thirty years of experience in international Marketing Communications and Public Relations.

Previously, Ms. Tabora was a Director of Project Development for the ABS-CBN Linkod Kapamilia Foundation Inc., the philanthropic arm of ABS-CBN Broadcasting, the largest multi-media conglomerate in the Philippines. Having started the eco-tourism programs for ALKFI in 2013, she then developed agri-tourism sites, a new model for alleviating poverty in the communities they serve.

Until 2000, Cristina Tabora was Director of Corporate Communications for Chicago-based Hyatt International Hotels. Her responsibilities included the development of all or part of the key Marketing Communications programs that impacted Hyatt International’s 80 properties in 35 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe Africa Middle East and South America.

Tom Bishop, Advisor

Tom is a climate finance professional working at the Green Climate Fund (GCF) based in Songdo, South Korea. The GCF was established within the UNFCCC to assist developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to combat climate change. Tom specializes in de-risking climate investments to mobilize capital from the private sector.

Previously he has worked in affordable housing investments at Bank of America in Washington DC, and as an accountant at Deloitte. He has a CPA and MBA, and a passion for impact investing and social entrepreneurship which led him to connect with Jennifer and IISLA as advisor.

Paolo Perrone, Advisor

Paolo is an impact finance and social entrepreneurship professional based in Medellin, Colombia. Actually acceleration manager at RutaN ( the leading Colombian innovation agency, where he promotes the development of world-class biotech companies and serves as board member of the Medellin Health City Cluster. Previously CFO of Suyo ( a leading fintech providing legal property formalization to the underserved, and Associate at Impact Finance (

Passionate about sustainable agriculture and responsible tourism, Paolo’s goal is to support the development of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Colombia and to create more transparent and equitable value-chain in frontier markets.

Meluchi A. Rivera, Advisor

Meluchi A. Rivera is Research Director at a local fund management firm. Her expertise lies in corporate research and valuation.

Meluchi’s interest in inclusive development was honed early, from her years at high school and university when she tutored public school children in English and Cathechism. Throughout her career, initially as a business journalist, then through 20+ years as equities analyst at foreign investment banks, she would involve herself in outreach programs benefiting marginalized communities, orphanages, public schools and hospitals. Her more recent collaborative projects entailed overseeing the fundraising for several Gawad Kalinga villages, wherein modest but beautiful homes were built for inner-city informal dwellers in Quezon City and Intramuros.

She sees IIsla as the embodiment of her passions; a vehicle to enable her to help grassroot enterprises become viable and self-sustaining. It’s a win-all situation for which she gladly lends her energy and expertise.

Travel for Impact

In partnership with Inspired Escapes, we offer group adventures and challenges to an exceptional selection of global destinations, carefully chosen to put social and environmental responsibility at the very heart of the journey. Our travellers immerse themselves in local cultures, have truly amazing experiences, and make positive contributions to the places they visit. From trekking through ancient rainforests to actively engaging in wildlife conservation, we have travel experiences that make a difference for everyone.

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Partner with Us

By partnering with us, you will have access to our extensive global network of high level events, global changemakers and decision makers both in industries, governments and global agencies.

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Sponsor our Projects

We support various projects that make a positive difference to the environment and to lives of people globally. We are constantly looking for sponsors who would be prepared to donate their resources (time and money).

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Work with Us

We believe that talented, passionate and creative people are key to a successful business and whilst there are no immediate vacancies we are always looking for people with passion to help solve world problems, and the creativity to think outside the box.

Please submit your CV to with no more than 500 words outlining why you would like to work with IISLA.