Our Services

We work closely with social enterprises, established businesses and impact investors with a mission to reach the underserved in society where mainstream finance and access to essential business support may not be available.

Our services enable entrepreneurs to focus on managing operations and grow their businesses whilst our partners and investors have access to social and environmental projects or enterprises that are scalable particularly in the least developed markets.

 Advisory & Valuation

We provide investment advisory and valuation services to early-stage, scalable social enterprises to effectively attract and absorb capital for growth.

 Investment Brokerage

We find and match the most suitable investors or strategic partners to social enterprises from our extensive global network.

 Strategic Planning

We can assist in developing strategy, preparing business plans and structure operations for the enterprise to grow. We can also assist established businesses to transform their entire value chain to be more inclusive.

 Investor Relations

Entrepreneurs are very busy and often find communication with existing and potential investors challenging. We can be the appointed point of contact for your investors.

Our Expertise

We have extensive experience and focus on improving and optimising sustainability practices at every level of the value chain while generating financial return in the following field of expertise:

  Food Production & Processing

Feeding a growing global population sustainably with nutritious and healthy food with minimal, if not zero, impact on the environment is challenging yet attainable.

  Health & Wellness

As the proverb says: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Living a healthy lifestyle is not just a dream anymore. Spending on health and wellness is rising rapidly as it is now imperative to look after our mind, body and soul.

  Renewable Energy

Investment in renewable energy, both in power generation and in end-user affordable products, is growing exponentially, particularly in remote communities that are currently not served by existing power grids.

  Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Development

Tourism is often the main economic driver in many countries. As more people are travelling and spending more many destinations around the world are now facing environmental issues, often exacerbated by non-adherence to basic environmental guidelines and practices by many resorts/hoteliers.

  Technology & Infrastructure

Rural communities are often left behind on technology and infrastructure spending. It is imperative to invest in these sectors to enable businesses and people to prosper in remote locations.

  Transport & Logistics

Congestion and pollution often plague many cities particularly in developing countries. Connecting people and goods to rural communities in a sustainable and affordable way could be made possible by adopting the latest developments in transport and logistics such as electric vehicles and shared mobility platforms.

Our Initiatives

The IISLA Regional Forum is an event held in various cities to educate social entrepreneurs on how to prepare their enterprises for impact investors.

Impact for Breakfast is a monthly morning event for investors to learn about impact investing, share knowledge and experiences, and meet social entrepreneurs.

Bankers4Good is a network of volunteer bankers and finance professionals who mentor small enterprises and inclusive businesses operating in less developed markets to help them prepare to absorb investments for growth.

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